Malmö Kindred Politics

The Kindred Politics of Malmö

Malmö is controlled primarily by the Carthian’s, and they have taken the time to set up their own political system.

Instead of a traditional court ruled by a Prince, the city is instead ruled by the Prisci council.

Prisci elections

The Prisci are determined by their clan, and how it is chosen is left up to the clan itself.


It is known that the Daeva tend to chose their representative by force of personality. If you want it, then you must simply convince everyone you’re the better candidate, and overpower the other Daeva without using force. Supposedly there have been a lot of dirty tricks used in the short time this position has become some important, but the Daeva wouldn’t have it any other way.


Unlike a lot of cities, the Gangrel don’t determine who gets the position by force. The Gangrel of the city like to consider themselves quite close knit, more sore because a lot of them don’t claim membership in a covenant. As such they tend to chose by a sort of communal agreement on who they think will do the best by the clan over the kindred’s covenant.


The majority of the Mekhet in the city are in the Ordo Dracul, or are Carthian’s with intellectual leanings. This has lead to a fairly simple method of determining who is Priscus, they vote on it, making them more of a small republic within the city. Their vote happens 2 months before the position votes, in August, every two years.


Those outside of the clan have little idea how the position of the clan is chosen. Those inside the clan know that the Nosferatu of the city are quite a fractured lot compared to the other clans, and many consider their covenant more important than their clan. It is rumoured that the current Invictus got the position because the Ordo Dracul made some deals to stop the Carthian’s holding the majority of the Priscus positions, and both the Lancea Sanctum and Crone didn’t want the Ordo Dracul to have the majority either, so the Invictus was settled on as a compromise for all.


Despite the most of the Ventrue in the city belonging to the Carthian’s, the Venture have very little choice in who is their Priscus. The Venture of the city have long and complicated family lineages, which are tracked by a chronicler, and the most Senior Ventrue who wants the position is given it. A Ventrue can challenge their Senior for the position, and it is done as a proper duel, but it rarely goes well for the younger Kindred.

Prisci Powers

The Prisci are all able to raise or lower status as if they were a Prince, the idea being that they will all keep each other in check. A lot of Kindred believed this would lead to chaos within a year, but to much surprise it seems to be working well.

Even the Invictus on the council is afraid to abuse this power, as he knows he would quickly find himself stripped by his peers, and his clan replacing him because of it.

The Prisci are also responsible for choosing the Harpy of the city. Each Prisci can call the vote for it once a month, but it rarely comes up. They then vote on the matter, with the Prici who brought it up going first, and then each member responding with their vote. No member is allowed to abstain or their vote is considered as one for the current Harpy. As there are an odd number of positions, this means that there is never a tie in the votes.

Finally whenever there is a matter to be decided upon the Prisci discuss it, and make a decision about it together. This has been known to take some time, but so far they have never been locked for longer than a week about what the decision should be. This has resulted in the Ordo Dracul cells holding someone for this long while a decision was made over something minor, which is usually taken into account when the punishment is decided.

Harpy Powers

The Harpy in Malmö is only responsible for the management of Boons, and making announcements on behalf of the Prisci. They have no control over status within the city, but usually have no problem convincing a Prisci to make a status change if they feel it is required.

Malmö Kindred Politics

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