Malmö Kindred Election

The Elections of Malmö

Since the Carthian’s took over and established their new court structure, they have held elections every two years for the positions of Sheriff, Hound, and Keeper.

These elections are held in November. At the start of the month those who wish to be considered for a position put themselves forward, and can make a statement at this time to the general public.

Once all nominations have finished, the city is then given two weeks to think things over. During this time a lot of deal making tends to happen, as Kindred do their best to secure the positions for themselves.

At the end of these two weeks the Kindred of the city gather again, and a secret ballet is held for each position, one at a time. Kindred gather in the hall, and then take turn heading into the lobby. Here their name is checked off, and they are given a number of tokens equal to their city status. They then go into one of the waiting rooms where there is a serious of tubes that run downstairs to another room where the tokens end up in secure containers. The Kindred place their tokens in the tube of their preferred candidate, and then leave.

The tokens are changed each time there is a vote, and it’s never announced beforehand what they will be to prevent anyone from preparing counterfeits.

Over the next week a team of 6 kindred, one from each covenant and 1 unaligned, work together to count the votes. After counting has finished the results are announced, and one week is given to the old position holders to get their affairs in order.

At the end of the month another court is held. As a celebration for those that kept their position, and a ceremony if a position is being handed from one Kindred to another.

Malmö Kindred Election

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