Malmö Elysium

The Elysium of Malmö


The Elysium of Malmö is located in the 2nd highest block of floors on the famous Turning Torso of the city.
In this apartment tower they have floors 45 through to 49.


From the outside the windows of the floor have been fitted with a thin film, which makes it look like there is offices inside. From the inside though you can see out, though it has a slight dark filter to it due to the film on the outside.

There is a large underground parking facility, and Acknowledged Kindred are assigned their own parking spots, and passes to get in and out at any time. There is also a private elevator that runs directly from the car park, up to the Kindred owned level. Only Acknowledge Kindred are given a pass to use it.

Four of the floors owned by the Kindred are a mix of offices, sleeping space, and even reinforced prison cells. Each floor belongs to a different covenant, except for the Invictus. No official reason has been given, but it’s strongly believed that it’s to prevent them from having easy access to the court each night.

Floor 45

The bottom floor has been split in two.

The Crone section

Half of it is owned and maintained by the Crone. They have refurbished the centre of their floor area so that it’s a large ritual space with lots of Norse trappings.

They have a serious of rooms for sleeping, each filled with trophies of different sorts. They have also turned one of the larger meeting rooms into a traditional Norse feasting hall. While limited in what they can eat and drink, they still attempt to make merry quite often in that hall.

Finally they have a sacred room that is their place of judgement. They take the old code of laws quite seriously, and attempt to influence the court to follow suite as much as possible.

The unaligned area

To help make the insult to the Invictus worse, the Unaligned have been given space over them.

Due to the nature of the unaligned they don’t tend to work on projects well together, so not too much has been done with the space. Instead over time each has ended up picking their own apartment, and having it refurbished to suit their own needs.

This has left a lot of apartments left untouched, so the Invictus ended up making an agreement with the unaligned to rent them out. As the unaligned don’t favour the boon system, the Invictus instead pay a very expensive rent, which suits them fine as money is cheaper for them.

So the Unaligned end up being funded by the Invictus, and the Invictus get their own rooms, knowing at any point that the Unaligned could kick them out because it’s not secured by boon.

Floor 46

While they are the 2nd most powerful covenant in the city, the Ordo Dracul have agreed to take Floor 46. This is so that there is an entire floor between the Crone and the Lancea Sanctum. The Carthian’s were quite thankful for this, as it stopped quite a lot of arguments that were happening within the court.

The Ordo Dracul keep a Kindred Library here, which is open to all Kindred of the City. They hope to encourage learning, and through that bring others into the fold. They don’t keep anything they would consider important here however, and make sure all of their research is kept elsewhere.

To assist the court they also maintain a laboratory set up across a few apartments, so that tests can be done without having to involve mortals. For official purposes they are usually willing to let the facility be used for free, but will tend to charge trivial boons if Kindred want to use it for their own purposes.

They have several sleeping rooms for Kindred who get too caught up reading that they lose track of time. Next to these are the two strongest Kindred proof cells known in the region. Using modern techniques the walls are designed to withstand strikes from even supernaturally empowered attacks. They are also air tight to prevent Gangrel from misting out, and have a complex manacle system they can hook up to prevent someone from being able to use their claws to escape.

There is always a member of the Ordo Dracul here, assigned to watch over the place.

Floor 47

This floor has been given to the Lancea Sanctum. They have used the opportunity to turn a good portion of it into a worship space, as they couldn’t just let the Crone have the only one in the tower.

A series of rooms is kept here, so that their members visiting from Copenhagen have an easy and secure place to stay.

They also have a vault on this floor. In here is said to contain anything people have paid the Lancea Sanctum to keep safe against the ages. Common rumour is that journals are kept here, so that if a Kindred is ever put into Torpor some of their life and memories will at least be preserved, ready to read upon their return.

A Kindred is always stationed here to provide guidance to those who seek it.

Floor 48

The Carthian’s own this floor, and it is divided into a public and private area.

The public area which anyone can visit is just a general meeting place. Several rooms, computers, and other simple resources are made available to anyone who needs them. Though overuse is looked down on, and Kindred have been kicked out for leaching on them.

The private area is more like a command area. While the Carthian’s are trying to run a Democratic city, they are aware that a city like this always has problems, and Kindred are always trying to overthrow it.

Depending on a Carthian’s clearance level depends on what information, and what resources they get access to. New Carthians still on probation tend to just get to see the city map laid out, marker of territory, and anything they might hear other kindred discussing.

More trusted, and well known members of the Carthians get access to all sorts of information. Ranging from dossiers on all known Kindred of bother Malmö and Copenhagen, including haven locations and preferred mortals to feed from, through to stock portfolios managed by each Kindred and how it is suspected they affect the city with their influence.

What exactly the Carthian’s do with this information is unknown to most, but the more experience members of the other Covenants suspect they make sure no Kindred or faction becomes too power or influential to overthrow their precious system. Some even say that the Carthian’s plan to overthrow their own system, and remove the idea of Covenants all together.

The Court itself

On Floor 49 is the court itself. Both the Elevators and Stairs open up into the Lobby, which is a small circular room around the main central shaft.

The Lobby

The Lobby itself has several smaller sections. A few of them are simply to allow Kindred to wait for others to arrive, before they head into the main hall.

There’s both a coat, and weapon check area. Where items are given an electronic tag, and a card matching it is given to the Kindred who dropped it off. There is also lockers who simply want to store things themselves. The keys are set to start beeping if the locker is opened by anything other than the key itself.

All weapons must be handed over before a Kindred is allowed in the main hall. Enforcing this is several ghouls who belong to a security force managed by both the Carthian’s and the Ordo Dracul. The Keeper of Elysium has final say over security matters, though the Sheriff or a Deputy tends to be on standby at all times to help out.

The Main Hall

The Main Hall is an impressive feat of modern engineering. Due to not having any floors above it to support thanks to the towers design, it is one large open space going from the Lobby, out to the floors outer windows. The roof has been reinforced with a very strong Titanium-Steel alloy to withstand the pressure, and any natural disasters that might affect the tower, including Earthquakes.

Around the outside are a collection of booths for Kindred to sit in, in groups of up to 10 each. There is sound proofed walls between these booths, but that is more so it’s easier to hear your own conversations, than to prevent anyone from listening in, due to the fact they still open up to the Main Hall itself.

The rest of it is just open space, with a fancy wooden enamel floor, so that everyone can just wonder about interacting as they so desire.

There are no thrones, nor seats available to help anyone stand out.

Malmö Elysium

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