Dire Straits

First Character Creation Session

Date: 14/03/2014
Time: 7:30pm to 11:30pm
Attendees: Adam, Emma, Jim, Stephen
Away: David, Kane (Had GM meeting for a new LARP they’re about to start running)

At this meeting we discussed several things. First was about what sort of characters that everyone wants to play. At first the idea was suggested that everyone play a member of a new clan that had its own unique powers. The group decided this would limit them too much, and eventually went for all being part of separate clans, which also meant that we’d have a chance to explore all of the new clan powers.

Next we discussed the setting and rules we would be using. I explained to them the rules I wanted to run by, see the Front page, and they agreed for the most part. Jim wanted to try the new XP system as it had worked for him in another game, but when I explained it didn’t work for the type of game I wanted to run he agreed. This mostly was decided upon because while the GMC rules are quite good for playing a gritty horror game, they don’t work well when you are playing a creature of the night.

I explained the setup of how I wanted the city to be, and they quite liked the idea, as it would give them quite a good chance to get involved with the different factions, and have a chance to influence both cities. Through discussions about the different factions they came to understand and decide what they would be interested in playing. Which I was later able to speak to David and Kane about so they could also decide. You can see the Front Page or wiki to see what the setting will be.

Character wise we managed to figure out the following:

Jim: Nosferatu Invictus: Loyal Soldier
Emma: Mekhet Carthian: Domain Builder
David: Daeva Invictus: Old Lord
Kane: Ventrue Lancea Sanctum: Religious Rocker
Adam: Gangrel Ordo Dracul: Transhuman Scientist

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